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SEGA is a Japanese game developer and publisher. History Found on June 3rd, 1960, SEGA developed slot machines and arcades. In 1982 SEGA entered the home console market with its SG-1000. The company was also developing arcade machines at the same time. In 1989 the company gained mainstream success with another console, Sega Genesis. In 2001, the company shifted to third-party software development facing sales difficulties. In 2004 the company was divided into two R&D departments with one of them focusing on consumer studies, while the other was developing new tech for SEGA's games. To this day, SEGA develops arcade machines. Operations SEGA focuses mainly on platforming titles with its Sonic The Hedgehog series, strategies with its Total War and Company of Heroes series, as well as third-person titles Yakuza and Binary Domain.
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