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Crack the Code

Welcome to Crack the Code, the game that challenges your mind in a fun way!

Your mission, is to try and match the hidden code generated by the computer.

***(Refer to youtube video for an overview of the gameplay :))

Each time you guess the code properly, your score piece will advance so many spaces, If you guess the code in 4 rows or less, you will advance 6 spaces, over that many rows you only advance 2 spaces.

Each time you fill a row, the computer will compare the 2 codes and give you the results in the spaces to the left of each row.

 If you have used any of the same pieces that the computer has used, you will get a purple token, furthermore, if you have any in the right spot, you will get a green token

if nothing is right, you get no token! (Tokens do not represent the exact position of the  pieces used, only that you have something right!)

You can then refer back to previous rows and compare what might be right or wrong.

If you still have not cracked the code on the last row, the computer will score and their piece will advance 5 spaces.

The first to get their score piece to the finish will win the game!


Left Click to place pieces

** Right click to remove a piece.(**not available in demo)

Release date
Jan 7, 2019
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 11, 2019
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